Statement by Mark Greenberg on Hartford Announcing They Will Seek Federal Funds To Move Rock Cats From New Britain"

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"First of all, it's bad for New Britain and what's more, it is not even supported by Hartford. The team owners won't pay for it, the State won't pay for it, and the residents of Hartford have weighed in -- and they don't want to pay for it either. 

So now the mayor plans to go to the "Pork-Barrel Bank of Last Resort" -- the federal government. While I believe in investing in projects that will spur economic growth and create jobs, particularly in our beleaguered urban areas, this does not appear to be a good investment and I would not support providing federal funds to move the team from New Britain to Hartford."


Earlier this week, WNPR reported: 

Hartford officials recently held a pre-bid conference for developers and others interested in building a new minor league stadium and its surrounding neighborhood. While the city fielded questions about available land and other infrastructure improvements it has in mind, one big question sticks out: "Have you identified promising sources of federal or state funds?"

The answer is kind of vague.

"The City anticipates that there will be other funding available for the housing component of the plan and we have talked to several representatives of federal funding sources," the city said in a written response to questions.
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