Statement by Mark Greenberg on Tax Day, April 15th​

Greenberg Calls On Esty to Reject Tax and Spend Democrat Budget​

Mark Greenberg for Congress Campaign Releases Second Web Ad
"Connecticut Values"

680 Main Street Suite #4
Watertown, CT 06795
For Immediate Release - April 8, 2014 - 

"The Mark Greenberg for Congress campaign today announced the release of the campaign's second web video ad which highlights Mark Greenberg's business experience, community leadership, the founding of the nonprofit Simon Foundation - an animal rescue facility - as well as Mark's history of creating good jobs through economic development projects for more than 35 years. 

In the video Mark also pledges to repeal ObamaCare and replace the failed big government experiment with real solutions that will provide access to healthcare for all Americans.

For Immediate Release April 10, 2014

"The budget proposed this week by Esty's Washington DC allies continues their pattern of irresponsible spending and back-breaking tax increases. In addition to boosting spending by $740 billion they also want to raise taxes by a breathtaking $1.8 trillion, continuing the upward spiral of tax and spend politics that is burying our country in debt. The 5.2 increase in federal government spending proposed is unsustainable and the additional cuts to Medicare will hurt our elderly citizens.

"Does Esty stand with her DC allies or the people in the 5th District who continue to suffer? I call on her to reject this type of tax and spend budget."

For Immediate Release - April 15, 2014

"On Tax Day April 15th, voters of the 5th Congressional District should remember that high taxes have no greater champion than Elizabeth Esty, who has always supported higher taxes, going back to before her election to the local town council in Cheshire, telling seniors during a hearing on the Town Budget that if they didn't like the higher taxes they could move out of town.

Since that inauspicious beginning, Elizabeth has supported higher taxes during her term as a member of the Connecticut General Assembly and again last week as a member of Congress, where she voted for $1.5 trillion in higher taxes.

One thing is for sure: Elizabeth Esty never met a tax she didn't like, and never found one she wouldn't raise."